Беспроводные сети


Member, Wi-Fi AllianceПредлагаемые Allied Telesis продукты для беспроводных сетей обладают высочайшей производительностью и отвечают самым современным стандартам, что обеспечивает непревзойденную защиту инвестиций. Все беспроводные решения Allied Telesis отличает лучшая в своем классе производительность, особенно при необходимости использования в сети функций обеспечения безопасности и протоколов аутентификации. Самые современные функции программного обеспечения и широкий ассортимент дополнительных принадлежностей позволяют обеспечить наилучшую функциональность для всех секторов рынка, от решений для малых и домашних офисов до сетей корпоративного класса.


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Extricom Series

The Extricom Series WLAN system incorporates multiple breakthrough innovations that raise the bar for WLAN performance, flexibility, and ease of ownership. Based on Channel Blanket™, a groundbreaking architectural design, it delivers a solution that is fully IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac-compliant, but changes all of the paradigms about the Wi-Fi experience.

The Extricom Series WLAN system is based on UltraThin™ WLAN access points that are directly connected and fed from a central switch, the “brains” of the system. The WLAN switches orchestrate the users’ network access and authentication, AP association, traffic and traffic load balancing, band steering, as well as all QoS and security. Each such WLAN access point and switch network provides several Channel Blankets, making it possible, among other things, to maximize the data bandwidth available per user.


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Access Points

Allied Telesis access points feature IEEE 802.11ac/n technology, improving bandwidth, efficiency, and robustness. This high level of throughput provides the best connectivity for Wi-Fi devices in high-density environments.


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Outdoor Wireless Stations

The Allied Telesis wireless product portfolio includes reliable, durable devices for bridging/routing on outdoor deployments. Allied Telesis outdoor bridges are an essential building block of an infrastructure network for the “Smart City” solution, which offers ICT-enabled services to authorities, enterprises, and citizens as part of the city’s system.

Allied Telesis wireless bridges help to fulfill the Smart City concept, supporting applications such as:

  • Wireless distribution system
  • Digital video surveillance and law enforcement
  • Telemetry and monitoring of Smart Grids and utilities
  • Traffic management
  • Traveller information
  • Infotainment
  • Safety
  • Freight and cargo surveillance
  • Factory/warehouse automation
  • Electronic payments and processing
  • Integration of public transportation with Intelligent Transportation Systems


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Wireless LAN Controllers

Allied Telesis WLAN Controllers are the single point of management for the operation, administration, and maintenance of all access points in an Enterprise.

Key features include:

  • Simplified Plug and Play access ports
  • RF management and control
  • Wireless Intrusion Prevention System
  • Security safeguards
  • Resilience
  • Seamless mobility
  • Client location tracking
  • Graphic visualization

The WLAN controller is available as either a hardware appliance or hosted software for Cloud-based applications.


Wireless Accessories

Allied Telesis offers a variety of accessories to complete the wireless product family, including antennas, power supplies, service modules, splitters, mounting hardware and cabling.